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Weathertech Side Window Deflectors

Weathertech Side Window Deflectors

There are many advantages to using Weathertech side window deflectors. Not only are they side window deflectors, but they act as vent visors and rain visors as well. They are perfect for hot summer days when you are at work and want the car to get some air. They are also very good during heavy rains and you need some air while driving. The rain has no chance of getting inside the vehicle with your window cracked.

Smokers can greatly benefit from the Weathertech window deflectors. Cracking the window just an inch or two will still allow protection from rain and debris but gives the smoke room to escape. These window visors are made from materials that will not burn if the cigarette were to come into contact with them. Weathertech exterior protection is D.O.T. approved and completely street legal.

The Weathertech visors are very easy to install as well. They are designed to go inside the window channel, as opposed to the frame of the door. This makes them much more reliable. Window deflectors that use double-sided tape and install around the window can fly off at any time and do not stick well in cold temperatures. They are easily cleaned as well with some soap and water.

The Weathertech window deflectors are available in two shades including dark tint and light tint. The darker tint is similar to that of sunglasses and reduces glare. Each Weathertech visor comes with their logo on it and is guaranteed for three years from the date of purchase.