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Weathertech Stone & Bug Deflector

Weathertech Stone & Bug Deflector

The Weathertech Stone & Bug Deflector protects your vehicle's hood and windshield from unwanted bugs and road debris. The stone and bug deflector is made from aerospace-grad acrylic which stands up to the heavy rocks and debris that it deflects. Unlike your car's paint, the bug shield is scratch resistant and will never rust. You can drive anywhere without worrying about your paint being affected.

The bug deflector is installed on the front edge of your hood and extends a few inches up to provide superior protection without impairing your view while driving. The Weathertech bug deflector is available for any vehicle and makes for a perfect fit. It contours to your hood and requires no drilling during installation.

This custom bug deflector also prevents damage to your windshield. Rocks and pebbles are easily kicked up from vehicle in front of you or passing by and will destroy your front windshield. The stone and bug deflector is an affordable way of protecting your windshield from needing replacement, which will cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

This paint protection also enhances the appearance for any vehicle. It combines sleek lines with the latest designs which add originality to the car, truck or SUV.

The sun and weather also have no chance at affecting the Weathertech bug deflector. It will not warp or fade from constant sunlight to last you many years. It is also backed up by 3-year warranty against any defects that may occur. Upgrade to this stone guard today before dings and chips cover your hood and windshield.