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The Weathertech TechFloor is a modular floor tile system that uses small tiles that are linked together to form a surface over your existing floor. The Weathertech floor system can be used anywhere you would like superior protection with a quality surface. Garage floors, workout room floors, laundry room floors and mud room floors are all candidates for the Weathertech tech floor.

The tiles are made from polypropylene plastic to give a soft and durable construction. They are available in different sizes and different colors to accommodate any situation. The floor tiles work great in both wet and dry conditions as well. The underside grips to virtually any surface and will not slide or shift when you come into contact with them. Each Weathertech floor tile is equipped with tabs to attach to the adjoining tiles.

Instead of using paint of sealant for your garage floor, use these plastic floor tiles to make your life easier. Things like motor oil and other harmful liquids do not have a chance of staining the floor tiles either. They have specially designed channels that allow liquid and debris to fall below the surface and out of the way. The flooring system can also be quickly removed every so often to clean underneath them.

If you need a non-slip surface in the laundry room, the Weathertech floor protection is the way to go. You can customize the colors and its surface is superior to any concrete or porcelain tiles you have currently. They are also very easy to maintain. Dirt and debris are easily swept up to keep the tiles looking clean.

The tech floor is also great for those wet and rainy days, or even snowy days. The water will not stay on the surface but will fall through the crevices while the floor still keeps its non-slip surface. Normal garage floors are uneven and inherit puddles from too much water. The concrete garage floor also has a hard time of drying if the temperatures are not warm enough.