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If you have been looking for spare parts for your blow off valve, Go Fast Bits has what you need. You can mix and match or simply replace a damaged component without having to scan the entire internet. GFB BOV accessories represent a complete collection of parts that will help your valve operate at a higher level. The top quality answer you are depending on is not a concern. All GFB BOV accessories are manufactured using anodized aluminum or steel for long-term durability. That includes both block offs and adapters. Each piece is guaranteed to fit seamlessly. Note: Please provide part number when ordering your GFB BOV accessories.

You can take control of your turbo with better detail. In certain situations, drivers need to purchase single blow off valve parts one at a time. This brand makes it easy to do so. The most popular Go Fast Bits BOV part available is a model-specific adapter. This is a flange that helps convert a universal valve into a direct replacement for your car. On the flipside are inlet and outlet adapters. These are Go Fast Bits BOV parts are intended to convert your specs in order to accommodate a custom blow off valve. Inlet adapters are bases that allow for hoses to be screwed right onto. The same is true of outlet adapters, with the main difference being the recirculation fittings for that particular Go Fast Bits BOV part.

When it comes to noise, there is only one component that does the trick. The “whistling trumpet” is a blow off valve part that is responsible for making that unmistakable sound you hear during (and after) boost. A lot of drivers who own a Nissan 370Z or a WRX like to get that famous “whoosh” sound when they hit the throttle. Sometimes, changing the trumpet along with other blow off valve parts helps reset the tone.

Another sought-after addition is a block off. This is used to plug a valve with dual outlets. Go Fast Bits screw-in block offs are popular due to their simplicity. With a simple adjustment, you can go from half VTA to full without pulling out additional components.

You do not have to order as part of a kit or singularly. Blow off valve accessories can be purchased on an as-needed basis. All parts are universal except when noted otherwise.

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