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The GFB Mach 1 puts other drivers on notice thanks to its volume control. Known as the loudest option in the Go Fast Bits catalog, this part gives turbo fanatics a reason to celebrate. The integrated trumpet allows for more air to be distributed out, creating a sonic tone that gets attention. But it is not just custom enthusiasts who are in on the GFB Mach 1. Casual car owners who operate a turbocharged setup enjoy the choice between going loud or going stealth. You can change the settings on the GFB Mach 1 to fit your driving environment.

It does not matter if you want ear-splitting sound or a quiet cruise, the one thing you do want is better performance. The idea behind a Mach 1 BOV is to help manage boost pressure in order to achieve consistent results without putting strain on the throttle body (and manifold). When air pressure mounts without a proper route to be diverted, it can be catastrophic. Using a Mach 1 BOV shuffles out accumulated boost and sets it free. In turn, your turbo is kept humming at WOT and the threat of pressure combustion is relegated a non-issue. Of course, you can also manipulate the volume to your preferences. A Mach 1 BOV is recognized for its friendly output settings.

The key is in the configuration. The Mach 1 BOV functions as both a recirculation valve and a vent. Which option you choose affects the volume setting. For instance, selecting recirculation on the volume control blow off valve means you are going for as little noise as possible. This is more for residential drivers who do not want to alert the neighbors. On the flipside, selecting vent to atmosphere is for high volume. Volume control blow off valves are most often employed for this reason. Drivers who race off-road are not worried about making too much noise. They just want better boost management. Setting their volume control blow off valves to vent out accomplishes that.

Another item of note to look out for is availability. This is a universal component. The Mach 1 plumb back valve can be ordered either as a direct fit or be used for a variety of models. Any necessary installation hardware is included. To top it all off, Go fast Bits blow off valves come backed by a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

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