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After installing a Go Fast pulley kit, your shifts improve, especially when hitting lower gears. This might not appeal to the everyday motorist. But for owners of turbocharged rides it is a pretty big deal. A Go Fast pulley kit replaces your OEM components with lighter, smaller engine pulleys that deliver the same level of durability but are able to function in a different way. Having less weight in a compact build reduces the amount of mass that is present in the engine bay. Instead of power being used for the heftier pulleys, it is free to go elsewhere. Go Fast pulley kits are an efficient compact answer for those who need more consistency when not on the racetrack.

The reason why this system works is due to size, weight, and rotation. An underdrive pulley rotates slower than engine’s crankshaft and the previous stock pulleys. The term “underdrive” refers to the diameter of the GFB accessory pulley, which is narrower than stock. Drivers who have upgraded engine parts want to hit boost faster and not lose too much of it when climbing down in gear. A GFB accessory pulley kit frees up some extra power that not only aids in performance, but also preservation. Depending on the setup, some models can throw a belt at high RPMs due to the higher turbo capability. With a GFB accessory pulley, this does not happen because both acceleration and deceleration are better managed.

For example, coming down in gear often pauses boost, which occurs at low RPMs in higher gears. In some cars there is hesitancy when shifting down. An underdrive crank pulley helps revs “catch” quicker. This is the result of less rotational mass. In lower gears, the effect of an underdrive crank pulley is quite noticeable. Deviation between 1st and 3rd is much smoother. Best of all is the response in acceleration. The underdrive crank pulleys allow for more excess power to be distributed. You may not see a tangible gain in HP, but your car will have more pickup coming into and out of cruising speed.

Each GFB lightweight pulley kit comes with a crank, alternator, and power steering pulley along with the appropriate belt. All of the components are top quality. Underdrive crank pulleys are made of T6 aluminum and given a black anodized finish for both protection and looks.

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