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6000 Series Sidesteps

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Bigger trucks need bigger parts and that is what 6000 series sidesteps are designed for. Multiple benefits highlight why truck owners prefer these bars. Instead of offering just a boost into the cab, 6000 series sidesteps display both industry-leading toughness and extra length for drivers to rely on. There is also a fashionable element involved. 6000 series sidesteps come in several finishes that put an exclamation point on your truck’s exterior.

These are wheel to wheel nerf bars, so they start at one end of the truck and reach to the other. This presents a couple of advantages. Sometimes, drivers have difficulty reaching for items in the back of the truck bed or toolbox. Wheel to wheel nerf bars make it much easier. You can just climb up on the oversized step pads and grab what you need without standing on a tire. For drivers with lifted trucks, wheel to wheel nerf bars are even more valuable. Accessing the cab, washing the windows or roof, and giving passengers extra comfort are all accomplished in one, convenient location.

The main factor that makes Rhino 6000 nerf bars versatile is that they are available for both extended and crew cab truck models. A big reason why is due to their assembly. Instead of being a singular piece which limits their application, Rhino 6000 nerf bars come in modular sections. They are of two-piece construction for a simple installation and greater reach. There is no drilling required when installing Rhino 6000 bars because of the bracketing setup. Because they are custom fit to each truck’s specific dimensions, all it takes is lining the brackets up to the factory mounting holes and bolting the part in. Estimated time to install Rhino 6000 bars is between one and two hours, depending on the truck.

Strength is another main attribute. Go Rhino modular sidesteps are made from .065 steel and shaped into 3” diameter tubing for extra sturdiness for active trucking lifestyles. This helps support the weight put on them, even during rugged work situations. Go Rhino nerf bars also feature a special non-slip surface texture on the step pads that promotes traction even during rainy or wintry conditions.

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