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Made for truck owners, Dominator series sidesteps offer both easy entry and an enhanced look. Several different versions of these truck nerf bars are available, all with slightly different traits that bring added convenience to your trucking lifestyle. All Dominator series sidesteps are comprised of stainless steel tubing. They are also designed to fit on most truck models and install using manufacturer-included brackets and hardware. Some vehicles may require light drilling, but overall, Dominator series sidesteps are a direct install requiring little to no modification.

For the D2 series, roundness and custom ability are the main traits. D2 Rhino step bars feature 2" tubing on the main bar alone with wide foot pads. The surface of the pads is to present a non-slip grip. They can be also removed for custom painting. The style of these Rhino steps bars is "drop down", which means the steps protrude on a downward angle for quicker access. There are two types for the D3. The first is modular with three separate drop steps that run the length of the truck. You also get thick tubing. Coming in at 3" of tubular steel, D3 Rhino step bars work well with full-size trucks.

The second D3 Go Rhino sidesteps offering is similar to the first in that there is an additional step included but there is one primary difference - the one-piece design. Its pads are just as wide, so you will not have to worry about getting the heel of your boot caught. And like the modular Rhino step bars, these showcase 3" of tubed steel, as well.

Versatility and style are center stage with the D4. The end caps are available fully welded (optional), which gives the Go Rhino sidesteps some extra panache. And while they are stylistic, their biggest asset is the boost. Go Rhino sidesteps from the D4 series are intended to large pickups or trucks with lifted wheels. It is a dual-step design with one-piece construction. Climbing into the cab is easier than before and also, reaching over behind the cab and into the bed for tools or gear is no longer a problem.

Most Dominator side steps fit both 2 and 4 wheel drive vehicles. There are two main finishes - polished steel and black powder coat. Running boards finished in polished steel are backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

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