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You will need Go Rhino brackets to install your step bars. For most applications, you will receive the hardware you need with your order. However, both the 3000 series and OE xtreme step bars require a distinct set of Go Rhino brackets that are purchased separately. The reason is because these bars require a more concentrated custom placement given their style and design. A good example of that would be the OE xtreme wheel to wheel series. These stepguards need Go Rhino brackets that are both exclusive to them and the OEM specifications of a truck’s mounting locations due to their modular assembly.

One of the most crucial aspects is their construction. Sidestep hardware needs to be as strong as the parts they are designed to hold in place. Go Rhino uses the same grade of steel for nerf bar brackets as they do their products. Lesser material would not be able to handle both the density of the steel and the weight of people standing on them. That can lead to long-term damage. Instead, the sidestep hardware is molded and shaped with steel so that it can support extra weight and heavy-duty applications.

Another thing to consider with nerf bar brackets is their shape. Go Rhino takes into account the different mounting locations and specs of each vehicle they design their parts for. This is how nerf bar brackets are measured and configured to fit where they do. It is a digitized process that involves gaining the information for every truck a part becomes available for. However, for certain bolt-on nerf bars, sidestep hardware may be the same for multiple vehicles due to similar body design or manufacturer.

In addition to brackets, you will receive washers, bolts, and any other components you need. Go Rhino includes everything with their sidestep hardware so you do not have to make additional purchases. One item of note is to be sure to use the appropriate tools according to the installation instructions. Go Rhino hardware is designed specifically for the size of the mounting brackets as well as the installation requirements.

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