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The intention of Rhino light bars is to provide a simple yet effective way to mount auxiliary lights on the roof of your truck. There are many types of drivers who benefit from this installation. Fire safety personnel, contractors, electricians, and off-road enthusiasts will use a Rhino light bar to give them the additional illumination they need. Of course, everyday residential truck owners can use them, too. A Rhino light bar can be installed on just about modern truck model and display an accurate custom fit to the roof.

Shape is important for this area of your vehicle. Because you use your bed bars for this customization, it is necessary that this part fits appropriately. Go Rhino truck light bars are crafted from automotive steel. This allows it to rest on top of your light tubes without weighing down the rack. And since it is steel, it can stand up to all driving elements. Even with the added weight of lights, the Go Rhino truck light bar will stay stationary without shaking and rattling as you make your way down the trail in the evening. You can choose how many lights you want installed. The Go Rhino truck light bar has four pre-drilled holes to fit up to four off-road lights.

Although there are four holes, you do not have to install four lights. Some motorists will install just two, either on opposite sides of the Go Rhino truck light bar or next to each other in the center. You can mix and match with the configuration, although it is not recommended to use different bulb sizes on the same truck roof light bar.

Installation may slightly vary depending on if you have a single, double, or triple bed bar application. What does not change is how truck roof light bars are mounted. With each set you receive hardware and instructions. Use the included hardware to mount the truck roof light bar. Be sure it is flush and do not over-tighten. Attempt to level the fog light holder without disturbing the bed rack.

Like most Go Rhino truck accessories, truck bed light bars are finished in either black powder coat or polished steel.

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