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Convenience and cleanliness are what a Rhino lockable organizer is intended for. With enough space to keep a collection of auto shop supplies in one spot, there is also an added bonus: The Rhino lockable organizer can be locked shut for additional security. This is helpful to keep kids away from harmful substances while also enacting a heightened security measure in your shop. It is also space efficient. Each Rhino lockable organizer is 25” in length and 19.5” wide, allowing you to mount it almost anywhere in your garage without it taking up much room.

It is also easy to mount. The back of the Go Rhino storage locker is flat. That means you can mount it to any flat wall flush. To install, just insert the included screws where they belong. You can install your Go Rhino storage locker in a matter of minutes. Durability is a main attribute, as well. To protect against dents and to support the weight of automotive accessories, Go Rhino storage lockers are comprised entirely of mild steel. Incidental contact with tools and equipment will not cause unnecessary damage. Must and mildew will also not be a problem. Go Rhino storage lockers endure all shop conditions.

It is up to you what you wish to use it for. The car garage organizer can hold many different kinds of products including motor oil, wiper fluid, engine coolant, and various exterior cleaners. The top shelf is left open with a rail in front. This area can fit approximately 5 spray cans or bottles. The bottom shelf of the car garage organizer displays the same amount of space, only this is the area that can be locked. The door comes up and latches. Some drivers use this space to keep spare car keys and dangerous chemicals.

An added option is the paper towel holder. You do not have to use the holder with your car garage organizer. If you choose to do so, it installs underneath the locking shelf. You can fit any size roll of paper towels here with space behind it to hang a couple of rags or washcloths. Go Rhino automotive storage units are available in black, red, and white.

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