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Putting an oil bottle shelf up in your shop will help save space and provide your quarts of oil a nice resting area. You have likely been through this many times before. Cans and containers scattered around the shop, you cannot find what you are looking for until you trip over it. An oil bottle shelf is a quick remedy to the disorganization that can happen where working on cars is the first priority. In most local garages, there are cabinets intended to host all of the auto shop supplies the mechanics need. If you look close, you will likely see an oil bottle shelf strategically located nearby.

Even if you keep your work area neat, you can still benefit from the extra tidiness. A Go Rhino bottle holder offers a “one stop” location to keep all of your oil containers so you always know where they are. The only question is how many quarts do you need to store at once? Go Rhino bottle holders come in two sizes and two configurations. The first is the standard shelf, which is a single row with a lip that comes up to offer stability so the bottles do not tip. This Go Rhino bottle holder comes in small and large, with small holding six quart bottles of oil while the large houses double the amount.

Apart from the standard design is one with an added touch of convenience. Go Rhino bottle holders can be purchased with an optional paper towel spindle. This version is similar to some of the brand’s other automotive garage storage parts in that it has other features. In addition to the paper towel holder, this garage bottle organizer also has several tabs to hang up rags or washcloths. As for the size, it can keep up to eight single quart bottles of oil or the equivalent.

Go Rhino makes all of their garage bottle organizers out of steel sheet metal, which is a good material for this application. There can be a lot going on inside the shop and the steel will protect against dings and dents. It is also strong enough to support the weight of the quarts you stack on top of the garage bottle organizer. If you want some style, you can have it. The Go Rhino storage shelf is available in red, black, and white.

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