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When you own a removable hardware caddy from Go Rhino, it is easy to keep your garage clean and organized. It especially comes in handy for those who do a lot of work on cars. The reason is because of its mobility. A removable hardware caddy can store a collection of automotive tools and hardware without remaining in one centralized location. It is a two-part operation. The removable hardware caddy has a holster that mounts to a shelf or wall in your garage. The unit attaches and detaches from the holster, allowing you to take your tools with you as you work. Whether working on a car in your shop or just need some tools to take on the road, a mobile garage storage unit makes it easy.

Because most drivers use them for rugged applications, Go Rhino hardware storage is made to be tough. Each unit is manufactured from genuine automotive steel to alleviate dings and dents. Even if you keep heavy wrenches, hammers, and vice grips at the ready, the tools will not give it a beating. You can find Go Rhino hardware storage in use inside many racecar shops. The mechanics in these garages typically have numerous cars to work on at once. That means they are constantly switching tools out and removing the automotive toolbox from the holster. Despite all of this activity, Go Rhino hardware storage stays strong and is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

Installation is simple. Go Rhino hardware storage comes with the mounting screws and hardware you need. All it takes is identifying the location where you want to install the automotive toolbox. Once you do, the rest is easy. You can mount the Go Rhino hardware storage to any wall in your shop in minutes. Many drivers choose a spot in the middle of the garage to cut down on foot traffic.

A Go Rhino tool caddy comes in either red or white with a corrosion-resistant powder coated finish. The finish is important because it can endure most climates inside or outside of your workshop. If you want some extra style, a lot of drivers will place several decals on their automotive toolbox for more personality.

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