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Truckers install Rhino bed bars to make it easy to have auxiliary lights popping out from behind the cab. Putting on a set of off-road lamps used to mean bolting in a cumbersome strip on top of the roof. It was an invasive modification that also led to potential body damage. Rhino bed bars instead use your truck’s bed and provide a convenient configuration that requires no changes to the cabin. The amount of bed space taken up depends on your setup. Rhino bed bars can be single, double, or triple in layer. Once they are in place, you can install the light strip of your choice.

If you look at the shape truck bed bars, they resemble the letter ‘C’ turned on its side. There are three sections that compose the part. Truck bed bars are made up of two legs and a cross bar. The legs portray a slight curve as they angle down towards the bed. Cross bars are straight. The reason why truck bed bars are contoured is because of the wheel wells. Whether installed in front, in back, or on top of them, there needs to be an angle so that the structural integrity of the cross bar is not compromised. If truck bed bars were completely straight, there would be risk of tilting or loosening.

It is an operation that requires bolting together the parts. Go Rhino steel bed bars connect sections using bolts, nylon washers, and spacers. The nylon washers ensure that there is no contact between two metal ends. To install into the bed, Go Rhino steel bed bars have base plates. These plates are similar to flanges except that they are connected to a fixed position. And as with the truck light struts, the plates are comprised of steel, also.

In addition to serving as the home for auxiliary lamps, Go Rhino steel bed bars can also be used for cargo. Provided there is enough space in and around the area, you can tie cargo or equipment to the tubes. It is not recommended to tie anything of extreme weight to the pickup truck light bars. This may loosen base plates. But light to medium sized objects can be secured to a Go Rhino cargo bar, provided the rope or straps are not too heavy.

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