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With your own Rhino can holder, keeping your garage clean is easy. Inside most shops, you need to have your supplies in a place that is easy to access. It also helps if they in a safe location. A Rhino can holder accomplishes both objectives by providing an accessible spot where you are able to grab what you need without worrying about causing a mess. Leaving containers on the floor can lead to items being lost or worse, winding up damaged. Whether it is your assortment of auto shop cleaning products or just some extra bottles of Armor All, a Rhino can holder will protect your stash for when you need it most.

It is a compact, efficient garage storage unit that can fit just about anywhere. The back of a Go Rhino can organizer is flat, allowing you to mount it flush to most surfaces. There are two rows on the main shelf with four circular holes for you to fit aerosol cans or similarly shaped bottles. None of your cans will tip because they are kept snugly in place. For added convenience, a Go Rhino can organizer can be equipped with a paper towel holder below the shelf. The paper towel spindle can handle any size towel roll you choose.

Behind the paper towel holder and underneath the back row of the Go Rhino can organizer are tabs to hang rags and washcloths. You can hang up to four rags in effort to keep them off the floor. The garage organizer shelf is designed to present one uniform location where all of your car wash products or other maintenance items are safe and out of the way.

Because it is intended to hold up to eight cans and up to four cloths or rags, sturdiness is an important feature. This garage organizer shelf is made of steel sheet metal so that it can support some weight and also endure all of the activity that might go on in your shop. Minor dings and scratches to the garage organizer shelf will not be a problem. You can select from several finishes. Go Rhino aerosol can holders are available in black, red, and white.

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