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Putting a pair of Rhino pickup rails on your truck is a fast way to enhance its look and give the bed more functionality. It is an easy modification that requires little work to accomplish, and does not require you to cut or drill. Rhino pickup rails utilize the pockets on your truck bed to install. So you do not have straight metal-to-metal contact, you also receive foam gaskets. These gaskets provide a buffer between the Rhino pickup rails and the surface of the bed. The gaskets also assist with preventing scuffs and scratches, particularly during installation.

You can use the stake pocket bed rails for different tasks. Many truck owners tie cargo and camping equipment to them so the items do not move around on the bed during travel. Of course, stake pocket bed rails can also act as handle. You can grab onto them to step up on a rear tire in order to retrieve your gear. Most of all, truck bed guards can be treated as a fashion accessory. Many motorists purchase them simply because of their look. Stake pocket bed rails add a personal, custom effect. People notice them, especially when they are given a high quality finish.

All stake pocket bed rails are made entirely of steel. This is due to their location. Go Rhino truck rails are placed on an area of constant exposure. Whether it is damp, snowy, or dusty or your truck encounters consistent dirt and debris, there is no cause for concern. Go Rhino truck rails will persevere throughout all of your driving conditions. Even if you use your vehicle for work-related reasons, the construction of the steel will hold up. Both hobbyists and everyday drivers benefit from installing Go Rhino truck rails.

There are three finishes for drivers to choose from - black powder coat, triple nickel chrome plated, and polished steel. The finishes add an additional glimpse of style as well as extra protection. Go Rhino truck bed rails come with warranties for each finish: Black and chrome are supported with a 5-year agreement and polished steel gets a limited lifetime warranty. All Go Rhino truck accessories come with necessary hardware.

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