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Better garage organization is what Go Rhino storage shelves are all about. When you look around your garage you may notice cans of WD-40, engine oil, coolant, and other supplies getting in the way. If you are in the middle of tinkering with your vehicle, these items can cause a distraction. Go Rhino storage shelves are designed to make it easy to keep your shop tidy. Easily mounted to any wall in your garage, you can gain greater access to what you need without having to deal with cans and bottles laying around aimlessly. Go Rhino storage shelves help everyone from serious auto enthusiasts to weekend hobbyists maintain a neat workplace.

There are several features with this product. The rhino storage shelf has two tiers. On the top, you can keep lighter objects such as motor oil bottles and window cleaner. On the bottom of the rhino storage shelf you may keep spray cans and containers of washer fluid. There are also tabs located underneath where you can hang rags, towels, and shimmy cloths. A rhino storage shelf is intended to add convenience for items you need to keep handy without having a mess to contend with. It also assists with light auto parts. Oil funnels and extra wiper blades are often found kept in a rhino storage shelf.

Strength is also a main factor. Each car garage organizer is made of automotive steel in order to sustain durability. Some shops have a level of moisture in the atmosphere. To protect against dank conditions, a nice finish is applied. The car garage organizer has a powder-coated finish that is both resistant to moist or musty conditions while also providing defense against corrosion. Choose between black and red for the color that best fits your needs. For all drivers it is built to last, as the Go Rhino tool shelf comes backed by a 5-year warranty.

Installing a car garage organizer is simple. The unit is 23.5" in length, 19.5" tall, and the shelves have 4.5" of depth. That means it can be placed in most locations around the shop without hindering access to your vehicle and other tools. All you will need to do is mount the garage shelf using the included screws and you are all set.

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