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Truck owners install xtreme lightning racks in both mid and full-size models. The GMC Sierra, Toyota Tacoma, and Ford F-150 are all examples of trucks eligible for this upgrade. In recent years, xtreme lightning racks have become common for a few reasons. One is that they are simple to install, even for drivers with little custom experience. Second, xtreme lightning racks provide the truck bed with a place to tie down or attach cargo to. Just as importantly, you also gain the ability to host additional lights. Rhino xtreme sport bars feature four pre-drilled mounting holes for you to use off-road lights without having to make another modification.

This part is shaped for versatility and made of several sections. Each Rhino xtreme sport bar is comprised of a cross bar, tubular corners, and uprights. The uprights are the pieces that display a triangular shape and install into the bed rails. There is also a series of holes on the Rhino xtreme sport bar uprights. These holes are both for show and usefulness. It is here where you can tie sporting goods, camping equipment, and other gear. The area will remain strong because Rhino xtreme sport bars are made of stainless steel. They are intended to endure rain and snow without rusting or corroding while providing enough strength to handle your cargo needs.

One of the most popular traits xtreme sport truck bars offer is the installation, as it is fast and simple. For some custom truck racks, you are required to drill into the rails or elsewhere. That is not the case here. Xtreme sport truck bars use your OEM stake pocket holes for installation. There is no drilling necessary. If the stake pocket holes are covered you may have to cut them out. You will also have to assemble the part when it arrives. It should take approximately one half hour to install an xtreme sport truck bar.

Drivers want the style as much as the burliness. That is why there are three custom finishes available for the Go Rhino lightning series. Choose from black, silver, and polished steel for the look that compliments your truck’s color best. Go Rhino sport bars are not a universal part and are made for each specific year, make, and model.

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