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Trucks benefit from rhino xtreme racks in several ways. Any type of customization adds a touch of personality to your vehicle’s profile. If an improved look is the goal, a rhino xtreme rack can be used in that capacity. But most truck owners also want one due to their usefulness. Other advantages that come with a rhino xtreme rack include a sturdy place to tie down cargo, the ability to install auxiliary lights, and a simple installation.

One of the most important aspects to exterior truck accessories is material. Each Go Rhino thunder series bar is shaped from steel. Continuous exposure to tumultuous weather conditions as well as contact with other items in your truck bed will not disturb this part. The Go Rhino thunder series bar will endure any hectic truck activity on the road or trail thanks to its corrosive-resistant finish. If you are looking to install off-road lights, you can. On top of the Go Rhino thunder series bar are three pre-drilled holes for you to place roof lights.

Installation is very straightforward, as well. Go Rhino thunder series bars are inserted right into your truck’s stake pocket holes. You are not required to make any modifications to the rails unless the stake pocket holes are obstructed. However, you will have to assemble the xtreme rack sport bar prior to installing it. Go Rhino provides you with all of the hardware you need to do so. From there, the xtreme rack sport bar bolts right in. Total installation times may differ depending on truck model, but set aside approximately one hour. Many trucks are eligible for this upgrade. Xtreme rack sport bars are available for most major models such as the Silverado, F-150, Ram, and Tundra.

The style portion of the process is choosing your finish. Thunder series roof racks come in black powder coat, silver powder coat, and polished steel. There is also an added accent available. You can order side plates for your Rhino xtreme bar for some extra sizzle. These side plates have flame-shaped cutouts and display a more aggressive appearance (sold separately).

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