Aftermarket Subaru Downpipes

GrimmSpeed Exhaust Pipes

Picking up gains with aftermarket Subaru downpipes means choosing extra strength and expert design. GrimmSpeed is known throughout the auto industry as the premier manufacturer of performance exhausts geared towards Subaru owners. They create all of their WRX downpipes in-house using 3D CAD rendering of every model year. GrimmSpeed products are also known for their welds. Using both TIG welding as well as the work of their own aerospace welding tech, their aftermarket Subaru downpipes demonstrate an extreme level of resiliency for every application.

One of the primary concerns performance drivers have is how the car exhaust system behaves. If there is too much restriction, airflow disruption can build, which greatly hinders the engine’s power potential. Finding a way to bypass that is the goal for many motorists who are focused on increasing velocity. Aftermarket Subaru downpipes are designed specifically to offer a direct answer.

Your car’s stock tubes are outfitted with catalytic converters. While they serve a noble purpose in filtering out harmful gases, catalytic converters also display an inordinate amount of restriction. Exhaust flow has to pass through narrow diameter tubing before it is allowed to exit. Installing WRX downpipes replaces the cats and in turn, releases the strain put on airflow. Once that is accomplished, the entire system is liberated. The engine can now begin to produce extra horsepower and torque.

A significant portion of the success WRX downpipes are responsible for is attributed to the design GrimmSpeed offers. What separates their parts from others is the construction. Crafted from authentic T-304 stainless steel and given thick walls, each WRX downpipe is intentionally developed for extra durability. The 1/2” steel flanges enact a tight seal thanks to their CNC-machined shape and precision welds. This is all in addition to the intent of the GrimmSpeed down pipe, which is wider, 3” diameter tubing for more pronounced exhaust flow.

Some drivers are interested in the sound. Many times, a more aggressive tone is also something that comes with exhaust parts. GrimmSpeed down pipes when mated with other upgrades can contribute a fiercer brand of volume. However, by itself the difference is negligible. Having a noisier exhaust can be achieved with catbacks combined with Grimmspeed down pipes, but alone, this part is not intended for that effect.

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