GrimmSpeed Antenna Delete

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The goal of a GrimmSpeed antenna delete is both aesthetic and functional. Many Impreza owners simply do not like the OEM version. They do not extend it outwards because to them, it is unattractive. However, less extension means less radio reception. A GrimmSpeed antenna delete offers the ability to remove the factory piece in favor of a higher quality answer. Made of strong material and simple to install, your car can sport the appearance you prefer in just minutes. For drivers interested in increasing their racing profile, a GrimmSpeed antenna delete gives the exterior added credibility.

First up is the material. All Grimmspeed replacement antennas are cut and shaped from locally-sourced aluminum. You will not have to be concerned about weather or extreme temperatures playing a role. The aluminum used in the Grimmspeed replacement antennas will endure all driving conditions and maintain an OEM appearance. There are not different color options currently available. Grimmspeed replacement antennas are powder-coated in black, matching the precise shade of the factory part. Once it is installed, it will look as if it was put there by Subaru during assembly. Grimmspeed replacement antennas are available for most Impreza model years.

In addition, you can also substitute for the replaced part. Grimmspeed has aftermarket Impreza antennas available if you are looking to improve your reception quality. Instead of being a cumbersome piece of plastic, instead it remains hidden from view. The aftermarket Impreza antenna is placed on the front windshield and does not stand out in any way. This is one of the more popular options for residential drivers who still want to enjoy listening to the radio. However, the aftermarket Impreza antenna is a separate part but can be ordered in conjunction with the delete plate.

Installation is not a difficult procedure. The car antenna delete plate is set up to allow you to reuse your factory bolts and gasket, so there is no need to purchase hardware separately. Instructions are included. If mounting the Subaru stealth antenna as well, it is recommended to become familiar with the OEM radio wires beforehand. You will need a Phillips head screwdriver and wire clippers to perform the installation.

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