GrimmSpeed Boost Control

GrimmSpeed Exhaust Pipes

What makes GrimmSpeed boost control critical is its ability to manage air pressure and the turbo’s relationship with your intake. It is a priority for performance-inspired drivers to achieve proper acceleration without putting engine components at risk. That is what GrimmSpeed boost control is all about. The stock setting permits the exhaust wastegate to open earlier than desired. This is due to air creating force against the actuator. Your car’s PSI’s become inconsistent, which interrupts your turbocharging efficiency. With GrimmSpeed boost control, you will be able to set your acceleration preference while preventing long-term damage.

What the OEM setup does is engage your max regardless of RPMs. This is not only illogical, but it cause premature detonation or worse, permanent harm to the engine. Using custom ECU boost control allows you to take control of when your jump takes place. If you wish to set your number at 20 PSI, you will not see a rushed attempt by your car to increase the requisite RPMs to hit your target. It is up to you to tune the custom ECU boost control to exactly where your car needs to perform. This not only promotes faster turbo spooling, but it is also a much safer way to drive. The result of custom ECU boost control can serve your car for years to come.

When you are searching for expert design, GrimmSpeed can be depended on. Their boost control solenoid was developed using the latest in digital automotive technology and will not sap life away from your OEM computer. It uses the same amount of power, which is a huge benefit. In years past, boost control solenoids purchased on the aftermarket would sometimes require a higher draw, especially if foreign-made. GrimmSpeed’s design is predicated upon giving you full autonomy as to where your setting functions. You can tune up the boost control solenoid to offer max power wherever you are comfortable revving.

Installation could not be easier. The boost control solenoid comes equipped with a wiring harness that matches the stock wires. It is a classic “plug and play” procedure. Simply remove the OEM part and wire the Grimmspeed ECU solenoid in its place. You could be up and running within 10 minutes. Each 3-port boost control module comes with complete instructions.

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