Cool Touch Caps

GrimmSpeed Exhaust Pipes

All Subaru engines are eligible for Cool Touch Caps. Plenty of performance enthusiasts know what it is like to have to conduct an oil change or add a quart here and there. Twisting off a cool touch cap from GrimmSpeed is a lot easier compared to unscrewing the factory lid. Featuring a surface intended to protect your hands from heat, the days of burning your hand just to add some oil are over. Safety is important for all engine components and this is no different. Cool touch caps are resistant to both heat and moisture, allowing you to gain access without putting your skin in danger. This is one of those Subaru auto accessories everyone can use!

The main attribute this part shares with the OEM is size. After that, GrimmSpeed custom oil caps are vastly different. The company uses a material known as Delrin, which is a thermoplastic polymer that does not provoke intense heat absorption. Instead, GrimmSpeed custom oil caps demonstrate a cool, available surface. If oil, coolant, or another substance becomes a mess in the engine bay it is still no problem. One of Delrin’s biggest traits is its ability to not retain moisture. Should your GrimmSpeed custom oil cap betray some sludge on the sides, simply take a damp rag or cloth and wash it off.

Interference is not a concern. Subaru replacement oil covers match the factory size concisely, so there is no need to worry about hoses, cables, or pipes being compromised. With some aftermarket oil lids that are meant for style, the top is cumbersome and can get in the way. GrimmSpeed took size into account. They know that drivers who might purchase a Subaru replacement oil cover will need adequate clearance.

Those interested in extra style usually want something for the engine compartment. GrimmSpeed custom oil caps can be found on many show car engines due to their sleek, black finish. Many times, when vehicle owners take their Subarus to car shows they prop the hood to display their performance upgrades. Sporting a Subaru replacement oil cover that has its own identity can make a big impression to onlookers.

This is a universal part for Subaru models 1989-2012. Cool touch oil caps are currently only available in black.

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