Aftermarket Downpipe Gasket

GrimmSpeed Exhaust Pipes

If you need an aftermarket downpipe gasket, GrimmSpeed offers high quality solutions for you to choose from. Having a stout connection between parts in your Impreza turbo exhaust is a priority. Without the proper aftermarket downpipe gasket you can experience several issues. Leaks, insufficient airflow, and excessive radiant heat are common symptoms. It can be difficult to replace the OEM seal with suitable toughness at an affordable price. GrimmSpeed solves that issue with their line of aftermarket downpipe gaskets. Featuring improved strength and a perfect factory fit, Subaru drivers finally have a name they can trust.

The first attribute drivers notice about Grimmspeed replacement gaskets is their thickness. A denser seal serves two purposes. First, it allows for a very tight fit. It is also why Grimmspeed replacement gaskets will not betray any exhaust leaks. In order to function this way the company manufactures them with layers. All Grimmspeed replacement gaskets are comprised of genuine auto-grade steel and layered multiple times. Overall thickness varies depending on application. For example, a Hyundai turbo to performance downpipe options measure in at 12 layers, which is 100% thicker than the OEM. Grimmspeed replacement gaskets for a WRX 3 bolt setup are 22% higher in density. The amount of layers and thickness is determined by the car exhaust, mating, and testing results.

You can select exhaust connector gaskets for individual pipes or in some cases, purchase an entire set. However, sets are only available for certain models. Both the 2013 BRZ and 2013 Scion FR-S have complete kits. Plus, sets of exhaust connector gaskets are made for all Subaru turbo editions from 1993 through 2013. Grimmspeed does update their catalog according to demand, which means that if a particular model becomes desired they will make the part(s) for it.

It is a good idea to order exhaust connector gaskets prior to them becoming necessary. This is because without them your car may not be drivable. Should there be an issue due to a crack or fracture, exhaust can leak out and severely hinder performance. Motorists that are into racing will often order Grimmspeed gaskets along with their pipe and install them at the same time. Check our product list to confirm availability for your model.

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