GrimmSpeed EWG Block

GrimmSpeed Exhaust Pipes

Installing a GrimmSpeed EWG block allows you to increase turbo performance on a budget. Whether you want to use a V-band uppipe sans wastegate or are just saving for the external setup, this modification is affordable for everyone. Going with a GrimmSpeed EWG block allows you to glean the same roadworthy benefits as your colleagues with a standard up pipe but without having to endure the expense. And if the time comes when you want to get the external configuration, you can do so effortlessly. GrimmSpeed EWG blocks can be removed as quickly as they are put on.

Unlocking the potential of a Subaru exhaust turbo reveals how expressive your car can be. Working an external wastegate system gives your car’s exhaust more efficient usage of fuel and creates quicker turbo spooling. But it is not cheap. A v-band EWG plate is designed to offer the same results but without the complete wastegate operation. Rather than being forced to spend a sizable amount of money, you can give your car a turbocharged effect that matches up to anyone else. It also a simple install. The v-band EWG plate is installed over the side exit to the wastegate using a v-band clamp and the included bolts.

GrimmSpeed uses T-304 stainless steel due to its strength and finish. Because of the part it fits as well as the environment, it is important that the V-band EWG plate is made of steel. The climate of the automotive exhaust system can become torrid. 304 stainless steel helps the external wastegate block off plate withstand the heat while also displaying resistance to corrosion. On top of adding durability to the part, stainless steel also enables more consistent performance. The external wastegate block off plate will not become worn down on the edges or betray any leaks. Once it is sealed, it will tolerate all driving conditions. The external wastegate block off plate is intended to last as long as it is installed.

You get everything you need with your order. Each external wastegate block off plate comes with the plate itself, bolts, gasket, and installation instructions. Depending on your expertise, installation can take as little as ten minutes. Subaru EWG block-off plates are available for either 38mm or 44mm setups.

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