GrimmSpeed Exhaust Gaskets

GrimmSpeed Exhaust Pipes

Several advantages make GrimmSpeed exhaust gaskets the preferred option for performance drivers. If you are running a custom exhaust system complete with a catback and downpipe, you need to depend on consistent results and durable parts. GrimmSpeed exhaust gaskets take away the need to contact the factory if something goes awry. OEM replacements are often very expensive. Most times, you are also forced to wait a while to get them. With GrimmSpeed exhaust gaskets, you will not have to worry. They are much more affordable, much sturdier, and ready to ship. Their OEM replacement gaskets are available for downpipes, up pipes, manifolds, and up pipes.

There are not many options available when looking for a pipe seal. Whenever competitive race teams are looking for OEM replacement gaskets, the first thing they care about is durability. Grimmspeed purposely crafts their whole line to be up to twice as thick as factory parts. Their OEM replacement gaskets come in layers, which vary depending on part fitment and application. They are also not made of a cheap metallic material. All of GS’s OEM replacement gaskets are made from premium layered stainless steel. This includes the fire-ring.

Having a proper level of tightness is crucial for optimal exhaust performance. Grimmspeed 3” gaskets are made to be extremely strong in order to provide a reliable seal in all sorts of driving environments. If a racing pipe flange becomes compromised, exhaust flow is reduced and back pressure becomes inconsistent. Installing thick Grimmspeed 3” gaskets for a performance exhaust system before there is an issue is a great way to ensure you do not run into one. You also will not have to be concerned about fitment. Grimmspeed 3” gaskets come in 3 or 2-bolt fitments for complete compatibility with your other Subaru aftermarket exhaust parts.

There is no shortage of options. Exhaust pipe gaskets come in most common configurations for you to choose from. Downpipe to catback, up pipe to turbo, intercooler to Y pipe, and turbo to downpipe are just some of the selections available. Click on the “Shop Now” button today to learn more.

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