GrimmSpeed External Wastegate

GrimmSpeed Exhaust Pipes

Installing a GrimmSpeed external wastegate is an affordable and effective way to turn up the turbo in your exhaust system to a new level. The idea behind this part is two-fold. Firstly, the main objective of a GrimmSpeed external wastegate is to change the route of exhaust gases before they reach the turbo in your car. When this occurs, the turbo gets going more efficiently, adding performance. Secondly, a GrimmSpeed external wastegate is made to be tough. Many other pipes have thin tubing with laser-cut flanges. That is not the case here, as the flanges are 1/2” thick and CNC-machined. A GrimmSpeed uppipe is intended to outlast all other aftermarket exhaust parts.

When the turbo is in the wastegate, a substantial amount of disturbance can be created. What a Subaru EWG up pipe does is take the wastegate out of the turbo to initiate a less constrictive route for exhaust gases to flow through. Exhaust is detoured before it becomes an issue for the turbo to deal with. In turn, a Subaru EWG up pipe helps the turbo spool faster. This means numerous benefits to your car’s performance health. The turbo, being spared the added work, gets a longer life. A Subaru EWG up pipe also offers optimal boost control. And with better boosting, the car can sustain the same performance as RPMs climb.

GrimmSpeed designed their Subaru EWG up pipe for strength and convenience. Stainless steel is used throughout the entire manufacturing process. GrimmSpeed uppipes have T-304 14 gauge steel tubing for extra toughness in racing conditions. The EWG along with the inlet and dump are mandrel bent, which allows for precise bends that maintain structural integrity. For the flex joint, GrimmSpeed uppipes showcase 321-grade stainless steel interlocking mesh liner. Part of what makes this section stand out is its placement. Instead of being located at the bend, the flex on GrimmSpeed uppipes is placed towards the flange for improved durability.

There are not multiple finishing options available. However, you can order your V-band uppipe with a black ceramic coating. What this does is properly retain heat on the inside without it radiating externally onto other parts. This part fits Subaru turbo exhausts for the WRX, STI, LGT, and FXT.

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