GrimmSpeed Hood Struts

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Lightweight and convenient, GrimmSpeed hood struts give you more ability to show off your car’s inner workings. The deal is that many mod-loving drivers are not in love with the OEM props. They feel the setup is obstructive and cumbersome. Installing GrimmSpeed hood struts means going in the other direction. Improved clearance and extra strength are the main factors that make this customization appealing. If you are the type who shows off their ride at car shows or just someone who needs more room to do some wrenching, GrimmSpeed hood struts give you all the space you need.

The primary trait here is height. GrimmSpeed designs their aftermarket prop rods to offer 35% more elevation. This comes in handy a couple of ways. A lower hood angle blocks sunlight, making it difficult to work in the engine bay during daytime hours without a light. The greater clearance aftermarket prop rods bring allows for more room and better vision. They are also adjustable. If you would like to keep the OEM angle, no problem. Opening up aftermarket prop rods all the way requires little more than an extra nudge on the struts.

You will not have to be worry about the hood potentially collapsing or presenting an issue. These aftermarket prop rods replace the clunky factory device with a higher level of strength. The brackets are crafted from steel alloy in order to handle tension and constant use. The BRZ hood struts themselves are gas springs that are the same the automaker uses. What makes them important is that these components are digitally constructed to meet the exact weight the hood necessitates. All of the hardware that comes with the BRZ hood struts is 8.8 steel and given a zinc coating. The black zinc powdercoat is for both looks and protection.

Ever since GrimmSpeed launched their BRZ hood struts, many Subaru devotees have installed them for a variety of reasons. For drivers who are very involved in their cars be it racing or demos, the stock mechanism is often unsatisfactory. The Subaru BRZ prop rods get in the way of showing off the entire engine compartment. Subbing them out in place of a stronger, more versatile answer becomes a priority. GrimmSpeed hood rods are available for BRZ and the Scion FR-S.

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