GrimmSpeed Intercooler Splitter

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Maximizing external airflow is what a GrimmSpeed intercooler splitter is designed for. This is one of those modifications meant for drivers looking for an extra edge in both efficiency and performance. A lot of air gets wasted by the OEM intercooler when your car is in motion, especially during hard driving. This causes heat soak and limits results. Worse, it can lead to damage. Replacing your stock unit with a GrimmSpeed intercooler splitter allows for air to find a home where it belongs. Better throttle response along with sustained action at speed is evident soon after the install. GrimmSpeed intercooler splitters fit most Impreza models with a racing hood scoop for years 2002-2007.

Turbo compression can be tough to manage. The amount of heat it produces can be enormous. Without a capable TMIC splitter, your car will not survive being subjected to intense responsibility. Some WRX models have witnessed temps exceeding 460 degrees Fahrenheit. Even with your hood scoop, a TMIC splitter is necessary. It creates the ability for the intercooler to embrace the air that comes in. GrimmSpeed estimates their TMIC splitter to offer approximately 70% more airflow, which keeps things nice and cool while elevating performance.

Size is as important as design. Using the GrimmSpeed TMIC splitter over a smaller factory unit means a much higher potential for adequate air to enter in. A big part of that is due to construction. This top mount Subaru splitter is made of 20 gauge 5052 aluminum, which is significantly lighter than the OEM part. Air can plunge right in through your scoop and saturate the surface. GrimmSpeed also does not weld their top mount Subaru splitters. Rather, they employ rivets which offer more durability and protect against cracks or fractures.

Each top mount Subaru splitter features spraying ports for extra cooling. For this, you can keep your stock sprayer functional. If you would prefer to add your own sprayer, the convenient design makes it easy. Your TMIC custom splitter also comes with a special EPDM rubber gasket for an extra tight seal.

This part can be used with either a stock or aftermarket Subaru intercooler. Check your car’s specifications prior to ordering.

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