License Plate Delete

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Hooking up with a GrimmSpeed license plate delete opens up front-end style in a hurry. Whether you have moved the plate to a corner or gotten rid of it all together, an empty space appears where it once was. Throwing a GrimmSpeed license plate delete on there does two things: First, it sends a message that you are loyal to the GS brand and second, creates a customized look that sets your Subaru even further apart from the masses. It is also a top quality accessory. GrimmSpeed license plate deletes are engineered to withstand every climate and driving situation.

Thin, soft materials are not conducive to this type of modification. A Subaru plate delete needs to be sturdy. If you reside in a cool or tumultuous environment, cheap metals can rust and fracture easily. Driving at speed would only make it more vulnerable to the elements. GrimmSpeed makes all of their Subaru plate deletes out of tough 6061 aluminum. They use a CNC machine for both precision and structural integrity. Each Subaru plate delete fits right onto the front of your car as if it came from the OEM. There should not be any cause for drilling. With the proper fitment selected, a Subaru plate delete is screwed right into the factory holes.

It is also not intended to be a cumbersome piece. The goal of the Grimmspeed license plate kit is to present a streamlined replacement for your state tags. It is designed to be slim and sleek. After being measured and machined, the Grimmspeed license plate kit is anodized in black. This is to present a neutral color that matches any exterior. All of the hardware that comes with a Grimmspeed license plate kit is powdercoated in black so it blends in seamlessly.

This is not an appropriate fit for all Subaru vehicles. License plate removal strips are manufactured for the Subaru Impreza (2002-05, 2006-11) and the Forester (1998-2010). Do not purchase unless you have selected the exact fitment for your model. Because the Grimmspeed plate delete is made specifically for each car, its size is distinct. Ordering a different size may require drilling or cutting. Click on the “Shop Now” button to view our Subaru exterior accessories today.

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