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Installing your own GrimmSpeed oil cap brings about several advantages. Depending on what you are after, you can have a sleek, custom look or some convenient protection. If you have a show car where you enjoy displaying upgrades under the hood, GrimmSpeed oil caps can liven up the environment. However, if you are tired of burning your hand just to throw a couple pints of 10w40 in, you are covered there, too. GrimmSpeed oil caps that deliver greater comfort to the touch are also available.

Going the aftermarket route for some auto accessories can be a gamble, especially when you are serious about your car. This is where Subaru replacement oil caps come in. For performance car owners, the cap is important. Not only are they active in proper maintenance, but they also enjoy putting their rides on display. A Subaru replacement oil cap that has a hint of style can make a big difference. GrimmSpeed designed these lids to be as attractive as they are durable. Made of CNC-machined billet aluminum, their Subaru replacement oil caps are tougher than the OEM part.

They are also custom painted for a personalized message. Each Subaru replacement oil cap is anodized and then hand-painted by one of their staff experts. There are two different options to choose from. For the BRZ and FR-S, the billet aluminum oil caps have a domed top with the “GS” initials milled in red. All Subaru models are eligible for the second option, as they are designed for universal appeal. These custom Subaru oil caps are painted with the GrimmSpeed logo around the edges with the word “Caution” followed by the heat symbol. Colors are red, royal blue, silver, and black.

To guard against burning your hand, Cool Touch oil caps are available. These fit all Subarus from ’89 through 2011 and are finished in Delrin material. Delrin makes the Cool Touch oil caps resistant to both heat and moisture absorption. You will no longer burn your hand twisting off for an oil change. There is one color to choose from, as Cool Touch oil caps only come in black.

GrimmSpeed used accurate OEM specs to guarantee fitment. Cool Touch oil caps along with all their billet aluminum options will not disrupt any hoses or pipes.

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