GrimmSpeed Air/Oil Separator

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If you are interested in a GrimmSpeed air/oil separator, it is because you want to keep your vehicle’s ventilation system at its best. Giving your Subaru the full treatment in both maintenance and performance is always important. With a GrimmSpeed air/oil separator, you can easily reduce everyday issues that plague other Subaru owners. More consistent emissions control and a reduction in potential engine knocking are two of the main benefits. Of course, a healthier intake is also the result of a GrimmSpeed air/oil separator. Stopping oil from hindering the intake system never ceases as a priority for serious drivers.

A GrimmSpeed AOS is not just for performance models. If you have kept all OEM engine components, your car is still vulnerable to oil accumulation, most notably in the intercooler. What a GrimmSpeed AOS does is keep the crankcase and heads away from the vapors. If vapor mixes in, it will lower octane while greatly increasing the risk of engine detonation. A GrimmSpeed AOS prevents this from happening. Instead, oil is properly distributed with fewer vapors and no incessant reduction in octane. Whether on a stock model or racecar, a GrimmSpeed AOS adds both efficiency and improved power.

Your intercooler configuration does not matter, either. GrimmSpeed designed their Subaru oil separators to work equally well with a top or front mount intercooler. However, it is not intended for use on all models. The Subaru oil separators are manufactured specifically for vehicles with EJ series turbo engines. Any attempt to mate this part with another engine configuration may lead to leaks or knocking. The Subaru oil separator comes with the hoses you need for installation. No tuning is required once installation is complete. You will receive step-by-step instructions along with your Subaru oil separator.

As with all Grimmspeed products, durability is a major attribute. Each WRX air intake separation system is made from auto-grade aluminum to withstand the heated conditions of your engine bay. You can even choose among three finishing options. Grimmspeed air separators come in red, blue, and black. They are also manufactured and assembled in the USA.

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