Phenolic Manifold Spacer

GrimmSpeed Exhaust Pipes

The job of phenolic manifold spacers is to cool down intake air before it reaches the engine. Within your automotive exhaust system is a constant transference of heat. A performance engine that is fed cooler air is better able to produce better horsepower and torque on a consistent basis. Phenolic manifold spacers can be an important addition to your setup, with or without a host of other aftermarket car parts. They are in use inside many competitive racing models as well as upgraded tuner rides. In years past, phenolic manifold spacers were only available for select makes and models. More recently, GrimmSpeed has developed them for Hyundai and Subaru owners, as well.

A chain reaction could describe what phenolic thermal spacers are responsible for. It all begins when air reaches the intake manifold. With just the OEM gaskets, this air can reach upwards up 200 degrees Fahrenheit. That hot air is then distributed into the engine while losing density. Phenolic thermal spacers provide a heat resistant material to cool down the air and reduce heat soak. The air drops in temperature and retains density, allowing the engine to use more of it efficiently. With phenolic thermal spacers, the air temperature can drop as much as 40 degrees.

That is a major difference which grows more evident over time. Phenolic thermal spacers conduct 3-500 times less heat than factory gaskets for two reasons. First and foremost is their spacing. GrimmSpeed phenolic spacers come in either 3mm or 8mm sizes, depending on your needs. Secondly, the material. OEM gaskets are made of steel, which in that environment conducts a lot of heat. GrimmSpeed phenolic spacers are comprised of a hardened material fortified with synthetic resin and layered with glass. It is exceedingly strong and most importantly, resistant to heat and does not absorb moisture. GrimmSpeed phenolic spacers are authentically produced and are not imitation material.

Currently, this part is unavailable for many models. GrimmSpeed intake spacers are created for specific versions of the Hyundai Genesis, Subaru Impreza, Forester and Legacy. Before ordering, confirm proper year and engine type. You can find the appropriate intake manifold spacer for your car by clicking on the “Shop Now” button.

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