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The idea behind GrimmSpeed plate relocation is individual expression. Drivers who want their vehicles to demonstrate a personalized attitude are often annoyed with the front tag taking up the center. Installing GrimmSpeed plate relocation gives you full adjustability to display your license plate practically anywhere you want. In years past, many car owners would simply remove their front tags. But in most jurisdictions nowadays it is against the law to do so. With GrimmSpeed plate relocation, the opportunity is there to customize your car’s look while keeping the authorities happy.

Whether for show car purposes or just for cruising the streets, this is one of those exterior car accessories most can appreciate. The license plate relocation kit is simple in assembly, as it encompasses only a few parts. Included are the bracket, tow hook adapter, spacers, and hardware. The concept of the license plate relocation kit is to present several mounting options. To bypass the need for drilling into the bumper you can use the tow hook bolt, which allows you to not only save doing damage, but gives you greater range. From there, the license plate relocation kit can be angled in any direction or mounted flush.

There is another hidden benefit. Being that you can move the license plate relocation kit to either side away from the center, you will no longer block the front mounted intercooler. For certain models, airflow is partially blocked from reaching the engine bay due to where the plate comes up near the hood. The custom tag bracket takes away this issue.

A high level of quality can be relied on. GrimmSpeed manufactures custom tag brackets from 5052 aluminum, a material known for both its sturdiness and light weight. The Allen key bolts are made of 12L14 cold-rolled steel.

Installing your custom tag bracket is easy. It is a matter of identifying the tow hook and removing the cover if there is one. Following the included directions, install the tow hook bolt where it belongs and use the spacers (if applicable). Next, insert the U-bracket and you are basically done. At this point, you will decide which angle you want the license plate mount to portray.

You can find Grimmspeed relocation kits available for most Subaru models, the Scion FR-S, and more.

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