MAF Sensor Delete

GrimmSpeed Exhaust Pipes

Proper tuning is made easy with a MAF sensor delete. If you are overhauling your system and going to a blow through intake, it is important to arrange your setup accordingly. Failure to do so can result in faulty readings and subpar performance. A MAF sensor delete from GrimmSpeed erases all concerns in a hurry. When the mass airflow device is removed, your car experiences less constraint through the intake. However, it is crucial to perform this modification safely. With a MAF sensor delete engineered specifically for your vehicle, it is both convenient and practical.

The configuration is simple. A GrimmSpeed MAF delete is responsible for covering up the gap that is made when the sensor is moved. What this does is halt dirty, unfiltered airflow before it reaches the unit. This is a critical process. Attempting a blow through conversion without a GrimmSpeed MAF delete can quickly lead to issues. A substantial increase in backpressure, turbulent idling, and a CEL are the most common symptoms. Grabbing a GrimmSpeed MAF sensor delete is a fast way to ensure your car provides the level of performance you expect.

Although uncomplicated, this is a very high quality part. GrimmSpeed MAF deletes are comprised of locally-sourced aluminum that is anodized for both surface protection and looks. The biggest advantage you get besides function is fitment. GrimmSpeed engineered their Subaru block off plates for tighter mating to OEM parts. The bottom of the plug features the same diameter as your intake pipe. This allows the Subaru block off plate to do its job without the plug interfering with precious airflow. The included O-ring adds further to the uncompromising seal.

Installation is simple. The first step is unplugging the WRX MAF sensor. This is done using a Phillips head screwdriver. After that, simply pull it out. Next, take the Subaru block off plate and install it into the airflow sensor housing. Finally, screw in the two Phillips head bolts and you are done. Total installation time is less than 5 minutes!

Currently, GrimmSpeed block off plates are available only in black with the company’s logo prominently featured on the face of the part.

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