Subaru Replacement Gaskets

GrimmSpeed Exhaust Pipes

Looking for Subaru replacement gaskets can be an issue. The OEM rings are good quality, but they can be expensive. Substituting them with lesser-made Subaru replacement gaskets can lead to improper fitment, exhaust leaks, and poor performance. For this reason, GrimmSpeed got involved to offer better options for sport compact fans. Their line of Subaru replacement gaskets is filled with thick, durable answers for those who have been searching. Initiating a tight, uncompromising seal between pipes can bring sustained results both on and off the track. You can find GrimmSpeed gaskets for most Subaru performance models such as the WRX, STI, LGT, and XT.

Thickness is an important trait when it comes to achieving proper exhaust pipe snugness. GrimmSpeed gaskets are made to be both extra strong and extra thick. The company uses multiple layers of stainless steel for each construction. The level of thickness GrimmSpeed gaskets display is different pertaining to their application. From manifold to 3-bolt up pipe, there is a 22% thickness rating over the OEM seals. For the standard 2 bolt route to the up pipe, it is a 100% improvement. Before ordering your Grimmspeed racing gaskets, check to confirm the type that is appropriate for your fitment needs.

If you have a complete exhaust setup, sometimes it may be too much power for factory components to handle on a consistent basis. Because of this, some drivers will seek out Grimmspeed racing gaskets before they need them due to damage. The thicker steel design is better suited to handle the rigors of constant competition. Between the high amount of heat and massive airflow, stock parts may not last. Grimmspeed racing gaskets are tested to ensure that they can withstand all of the turbulence your exhaust parts dish out without degrading.

Whether it is for a single downpipe or a full race exhaust, you can place your order accordingly. Grimmspeed racing gaskets can be purchased individually or in complete sets. There are sets geared strictly towards Subaru owners and include engine to manifold, manifold to crosspipe, up pipe to turbo, and more. They are all made of the same stainless steel and offer a convenient solution for a complete performance exhaust.

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