GrimmSpeed Tie Down

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Going with a GrimmSpeed Battery Tie Down means locking on extra style under the hood. Many times, Impreza and Legacy owners like to supplement their engines with performance upgrades. When it is time to show off your mods, a GrimmSpeed battery tie down adds to the look. On top of the attractive appearance, you also get improved security. A GrimmSpeed battery tie down presents a more rigid and reliable holder for your car batter than a flimsy OEM strap. Plus, each one is expertly crafted at GrimmSpeed headquarters, so you know the level of quality is superior.

Instead of sporting a bright, gaudy color, Subaru battery straps are given a silver matte finish. While eye-catching, the finish is also intended to be neutral. No matter what color your model is, the Subaru battery strap is able to blend right in with it. The most common reason for application of this part is for demonstration. At car shows, drivers display off their rides inside and out. Popping open the hood to reveal a Subaru battery strap delivers a custom expression that makes a statement.

This is not a fragile upgrade. Each Subaru battery strap is manufactured from 6061 billet aluminum that is locally-sourced. The aluminum starts off as a single block before it is cut and shaped. Grimmspeed tie downs are then whittled down electronically by a CNC (computer numeric controlled) machine. The machine is programmed with the measurements of the part and then the process begins. Grimmspeed tie downs are digitally cut from that block of aluminum, promoting both durability and precise fit.

Lastly, the word “GrimmSpeed” is milled onto the top before it is painted. For this, a CNC machine is not used. Instead, Grimmspeed tie downs are hand-painted individually in red for a special touch.

While intended for a host of Subaru models, this is not a universal part. Battery tie down straps are available for the Subaru Impreza (WRX, STI), Baja, Legacy, Forester, and BRZ. However, in addition to these Subaru vehicles, they also fit inside the Scion FR-S. Installation is easy. Simply remove the Subaru OEM battery strap. Be sure to put the bolts aside safely. Place the new tie down in its place and replace the bolts

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