GrimmSpeed Tower Struts

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Improved handling is what GrimmSpeed tower struts are designed to offer. If you have a high interest in picking up speed around corners, your car has to present the right amount of tightness. A GrimmSpeed tower strut bolted on under the hood goes a long way towards providing that. Racers who compete on a track need tension in the chassis so that their car will handle around turns and banking. Even if your chassis has been adjusted to compensate for velocity, it may still not be enough. GrimmSpeed tower struts enact immediate stability. You will experience less sway entering and exiting turns, less rattle, and quicker lap times.

Drivers often use performance car strut braces if their lifestyle involves racing in a sanctioned competitive environment. Tracks and road courses can present many nuances on their surfaces, turns, and with their overall configuration. Hitting corners at high speeds without a performance car strut brace can lead to “fishtailing” coming out of turns (especially to the left if there is banking). Even road courses with sudden corners and changes in elevation can be a harrowing challenge. A performance car strut brace tightens up your vehicle just enough to where you can hit these turns at speed without having to jam on the brakes.

Constant strength is the most crucial aspect of construction. Grimmspeed strut braces are made from mild steel with .125” wall tubing. Mild steel is a common material used in racing bars due to its penchant for extreme stiffness. Each Grimmspeed strut brace is CNC cut for both length and fitment. Since it connects using factory mounting points, exact length is paramount to this application. The end brackets are also designed with care. Grimmspeed strut braces are intended to lock in as if made by the factory. The brackets are bent using CNC machining for a strong, enduring fit. All Grimmspeed strut braces are given a DuPont powdercoat finish for both a professional look and added protection.

Installation is not difficult and should only take about ten minutes. Custom chassis braces use your triangulation bar nuts, requiring little more than removing and replacing them. The difference is noticeable right away. BRZ strut bars can be used in both racing and residential vehicles.

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