GrimmSpeed Wastegate Bracket

GrimmSpeed Exhaust Pipes

Locking on a GrimmSpeed wastegate bracket is an easy way to feed your turbo. For years, Subaru drivers were left with limited options when modding to an EWG. It involved welding and taking a chance that going back to the OEM actuator would not mean a painful process. The GrimmSpeed wastegate bracket makes it convenient to supplement your turbo with the extra pop you are looking for without making a permanent change. It is simple to install and just as easy to remove. You can use a GrimmSpeed wastegate bracket on all Subaru turbo models.

Compatibility is one of this part’s biggest traits. This is an adjustable wastegate bracket, which means it was not designed for just one vehicle. So long as your Subaru is a turbo edition, you qualify. Since it is not a model-specific component, it is also not an arduous installation. Adjustable wastegate brackets bolt right on. All you are called on to do is assemble the tensioner, mount, adjust, and you are virtually finished. Only a 7/16” wrench and a 4.5mm Allen are required to install the adjustable wastegate bracket. You will use the Allen wrench to set the tensioner and tighten it once it is on. From start to finish, installing the adjustable wastegate bracket takes approximately 5-10 minutes.

Not being forced to weld is a nice advantage. The problem with welding when converting to a turbo EWG is that it may not hold up. If you are not an expert, putting welds across the area may lead to susceptibility to heat and harsh driving conditions. Using the Subaru IWG bracket that GrimmSpeed designed means not having to go through all that trouble. You get full stainless steel durability with a lockdown seal. The best part is that if you want to change back to the OEM door, you can simply take the Subaru IWG bracket off quicker than you put it on.

You can trust the workmanship. GrimmSpeed devoted over 1 1/2 years developing and testing the performance of their Subaru IWG bracket. That includes determining the adjustability of the rod, how the part responds in boost situations, and fitment in different models. Each STI turbo wastegate bracket comes with hardware and installation instructions.

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