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If you are looking for the right replacement to your OEM tailgate, a Husky Liners 5th wheel tailgate presents several advantages over the factory original. Often, truck owners wish to remove their factory tailgates due to heaviness, rust, damage, or lack of accessibility. Choosing a Husky Liners 5th wheel tailgate addresses all of the issues drivers might be concerned about regardless of what they use their truck for. Husky Liners fifth wheel tailgates are used by contractors, landscapers, masons, carpenters, and regular people who just love the outdoors. The main benefits a Husky Liners 5th wheel tailgate offers are a simple installation procedure, a lightweight design, improved fuel efficiency and easier accessibility.

A Husky Liners 5th wheel tailgate directly replaces an OEM tailgate. One of the more attractive attributes of a Husky Liners 5th wheel tailgate is that it is easily installed. The first step, of course, is removing your original tailgate. What you will first notice is that the Husky Liners 5th wheel tailgate is much lighter, which makes it comfortable to rest at the perimeter of the bed prior to installation. Depending on your experience level, this can be accomplished on your own. There is no cutting or drilling required, as the Husky Liners 5th wheel tailgate uses the same hinge and latch points as your original. There is no assembly required and your new Husky Liners 5th wheel tailgate comes with installation instructions you can follow step by step.

Another quality that makes a Husky Liners 5th wheel tailgate a popular replacement is that they are of a much lighter weight compared to OEM tailgates. The reason why is because they are constructed of aircraft grade aluminum. This type of aluminum is synonymous with automotive exterior improvements due to its extreme light weight and its level of durability. In addition, Husky aluminum tailgates are brightly dipped with an anodized finish. An anodized finish is important for aluminum that is exposed to weather, as it acts as a protectant against rust and corrosion. It also helps when put in contact with tools and various types of equipment, as the anodized finish helps Husky aluminum tailgates avoid scratches, as well.

Because of their lighter weight, Husky aluminum tailgates assist with fuel economy. Original factory tailgates are often heavy and cumbersome, which causes drag, especially when there is cargo resting against it on the truck bed. The 5th wheel tailgate features a louvered design that allows air to breathe right through the slats. This design, along with its aluminum material, cuts down drastically on the amount of weight OEM tailgates are known for.

5th wheel louvered tailgates help make it easier to tow your 5th wheel or gooseneck trailer without adding more weight and problems into the mix. Instead of losing your tailgate, you can hold onto to it while lowering your truck's weight while still being able to employ a strong tailgate. This is a big advantage, especially since a lot of drivers do not want to use their extra wheel because they do not feel like doing away with having a tailgate. Similarly, when it comes to towing a gooseneck trailer, it takes a lot of work to uninstall the tailgate and then still have the process of getting the gooseneck connected properly. Going with a Husky 5th wheel louvered tailgate takes care of both problems with one solution.

With a louvered tailgate you actually gain accessibility. There is more space so items in your truck bed are no longer hard to reach with the tailgate closed. That is due to the large scoop at the top of the tailgate. This allows you to be able to simply reach in and pull items out or rest long items on, such as two-by-fours or fishing rods. Husky aluminum louvered tailgates also include an optional mounting bracket for trucks that are equipped with a backup camera.

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