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Summertime for many means hanging out at the beach, swimming in the ocean, or surfing. One consistent consequence of trips to the beach is sand being tracked inside your vehicle. Sand can be a problem because it is very difficult to scrub or vacuum out of the carpet. Husky beach mats are designed to protect the floor of your vehicle from sand, dirt, and other substances. They are also available in several styles for most makes and models, it is just a matter of choosing Husky beach mats that fit your vehicle and needs best.

The reason Husky beach mats are useful is because of how sand behaves inside of a car or truck. Dirt and mud are equally harmful to a car's interior, but they are easy to see and not as difficult clean. Sand is made up of tiny sediments that can get caught up in the fibers of the carpet. It is also tough to notice on certain spots on the floor, especially near the doorsills. If you select Husky beach liners that fit perfectly in your vehicle, it will block sand from getting into hard-to-reach places standard car floor mats can't. The only kinds of aftermarket mats that work are car sand liners that cover your interior carpet correctly.

Husky beach liners come in Classic Style, WeatherBeater, X-ACT Contour, and Heavy Duty. Classic Style, WeatherBeater, and X-ACT Contour are custom fit sand liners which produce an exact fit to your car's specific dimensions. Heavy Duty weatherproof mats offer a universal fit, which means they can fit in almost every vehicle. It is a good idea to match your make and model with the style of Husky beach liners that make the most sense. If you live close to the beach and are there often, making sure you get the right Husky beach liners can be very important. Most Husky sand liners come in black, tan, and grey (except for Heavy Duty Mats, which are only available in black).

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