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Many luxury car owners are under the impression that super-tough car mats like Husky Classic Liners will not match the mood of their vehicles. What these drivers fail to realize is that luxury floor mats are not meant for protection, they are meant for comfort. Luxury carpet mats are very rarely stain-resistant and can become ruined quickly if the wrong substance finds its way inside the fibers. And once these mats are compromised, it is usually the end of them. This is what makes Husky Liners Classic Style floor liners so unique. Husky matting can be exposed constantly to spills or even hazardous chemicals and it will never lose resiliency.

Husky Classic Liners may not be ultra-soft luxury floor mats, but they provide an immeasurable increase in protection. Nonetheless, once car owners learn about how well Husky Liners Classic Style mats can secure their interior, their chief concern is usually about their appearance. They are used to factory car mats that are plush and cushy. There is nothing to worry about, as Husky Liners Classic Style liners are manufactured for a wide range of luxury car makes such as Audi, BMW, Lexus, Cadillac, Mercedes-Benz, and Porsche. That means the liners created for your vehicle will be an exact match to your interior floor. They will fit even better than the original luxury floor mats did!

The best way to tell if replacing your factory car mats is a good idea for you is by examining your activity level. If you are the only one who drives your car and you keep it very neat, then holding onto your luxury floor mats won't hurt you. However, if you have children, carpool, or find yourself eating a lot in your car, it's probably best to consider no longer using your luxury or embroidered floor mats. You don't have to throw them out, as they can go on top of the liners in the backseat. Either way, shoring up the inside with Husky Classic Liners keeps your luxury ride clean, comfortable, and custom.

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