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Drivers have many options when it comes to custom Husky liners. They don't have to stick with just one kind because of their vehicle but instead, choose based on what their preferences are. That is because custom Husky liners are different from OEM-style replacement mats. They are constructed with higher quality material, feature different surfaces, and are created for specific makes and models.

OEM mats are usually made of one of two materials: Rubber vinyl or carpet. These are not bad materials for a floor mat to be made out of. But the problem lies within what happens to these materials during extreme weather conditions or if they should get wet. Rubber vinyl can expand if subjected to hot weather or shrink and harden during colder temperatures. Carpet can also stiffen up too much during a cold spell. Both materials will stain if mud or another substance makes contact with them. Custom Husky liners are crafted with a rubberized formula that is put through a thermoplastic process. This guarantees the mat will not stain. Custom Husky liners also will not expand because of heat nor will they shrink in freezing temps. They are much more durable, as well. Each set of custom Husky liners comes with a lifetime warranty.

The surfaces for various custom Husky liners are not the same as many other types of custom car mats. Each style Husky makes displays a surface that is designed to portray a characteristic that is unique. Classic Style liners have a diamond treaded configuration throughout the surface. The reason for this is to give the feet of the driver or passenger(s) a feeling of grip. It also presents a classic look similar to the floor mats cars used to have decades ago. X-ACT Contour custom Husky liners show off a more deliberate surface design. The purpose of this liner is to provide a richer texture than typical brute-tough mats while maintaining the same level of protection and grip. The one style of custom Husky liners that are known best for all-weather defense is WeatherBeater liner. Manufactured of the same rubberized compound as all Husky mats, WeatherBeater floor liners are meant to restrict spilled liquids or ice from moving around the floor area. All Husky custom floor mats can be rinsed off with a hose very easily if soiled by an outside substance.

A main attribute of Husky custom floor mats is how they fit into a vehicle. The most important variable that they have is model specificity. Husky custom floor mats are created to enact a fit that is identical to the surfaces and dimensions of each specific vehicle they are created for. This means that you cannot take a set of Husky custom floor mats that are meant for another car and fit them in yours. It will not work. It is important that the mats fit correctly because of their perimeter. The liners are sized so that the edge of each section matches up to a distinct place on the floor. This way the liner goes in snug and rests against the sides of the walls near the floor or underneath the pedals. If Husky custom floor mats are not fit in the right way, they can be too loose and cause interference with your feet. On top of that, they will not work as intended. That is why it is critical you choose your Husky custom floor mats according to your exact year, make, and model.

There are several different brands of custom floor liners on the market, but they are not really custom if they aren't designed just for your vehicle. Husky specializes in producing mats and liners that go into different cars and demonstrate a precise fit. The fit is not all about creating good looks. It is crucial for Husky mats to fit accurately or else they may not work correctly. Plus, if they are not placed where they belong they can come up off of the floor and become a distraction. Car owners like custom mats because they know once installed, the mats will fit inside of their vehicles as if they came with them in the first place. That is what Husky liners are designed for.

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