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The most effective way to custom protect the inside of your car is with Husky Floor Liners. There are a couple of reasons why. Just about every vehicle assembled in the US and overseas comes with car floor mats. Most of the time, they are carpet mats, cut in a squared shape and placed in the front seat and sometimes in the back. If you have ever really looked at them, you would notice their construction: Rubber plastic bottom, nylon threaded framing, and some mixture of nylon and cloth for the main part of the mat. It is easy to tell these car floor mats aren't meant to last.

That is because factory mats are meant more for show than anything else. They are usually shaded to match the interior and appear soft, but outside of that, there are no other redeeming qualities. Certainly, you have seen it for yourself. Have you ever spilled something inside your vehicle, whether it was soda or coffee? You probably spent as much time scrubbing the OEM mats as you did the carpet. This is not unusual. The best way to do away with this hassle is by going with custom car liners that were created specifically for your vehicle. Husky Floor Liners are precisely that.

Regular car floor mats only cover a small designated area. But car liners are different. Featuring a much more encompassing design, car liners for most vehicles completely shield a much higher percentage of the interior carpet. Most times, car liners stretch from the foot-wells to the doorsills in the front. They cover both feet rests and the center hump in many vehicles' backseats. Husky liners also provide much more rigorous protection. Unlike car mats which are made of nylon, rubber, and vinyl, the company uses its own patented rubberized substance that protects your floor and is waterproof. This means that regardless of weather conditions or what you spill, nothing will happen to them. Husky Floor Liners are truly worth it for every driver who cares about their car.

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