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Husky Headlight Shield

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Protect your headlight lenses and retain peak visibility with a Husky headlight shield. Designed to implement a transparent layer of defense over your headlights, a Husky headlight shield prevents damage to the lamps without being noticeable.

A Husky headlight shield is a clear and invisible urethane auto headlamp film that acts as a protectant. Because they are transparent, clear headlight guards are not visible from a distance and will not interfere with the hood or fenders. Even for cars equipped with HID lamps, clear headlight guards are a safe, easy way to cover headlight lenses without interfering with the light output. There is also no blurriness or dimming to be concerned with in fog, rain, or at night.

Just as importantly, clear headlight guards thwart potential harm to headlight lenses that can come from the roadways. Headlamp lenses are vulnerable to cracks and scratches as a result of their location. Rocks, pebbles, and even dust can cause expensive or hazardous damage. With clear headlight guards, there is a lot less to worry about. Pebbles and debris will no longer be an issue. To maintain headlights means keeping them clean. Each Husky shield headlight guard has a washable surface, so they do not have to be removed when you wash your car.

Over time, headlamps can slowly begin to fade or yellow due to constant exposure to UV rays and the elements. A Husky shield headlight guard is another step towards maintaining the same degree of luminance throughout your vehicle's lifespan. That is because all it takes for lamps to sustain their potency is an invisible covering that can absorb sunlight and dust. A headlight lens cover halts oxidation from UV rays to keep lamp brightness at an optimum level.

Installing a Husky shield headlight guard over each lamp is very simple. Headlight lens protectors are custom designed and cut to fit over a specific vehicle's lamps. They are not a universal fit and will not require you to cut or trim to match your headlamps' shape. Once installed, they will not come off unless you choose to remove them, which can be done so easily.

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