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If it hasn't happened already, one day your Husky floor liners will be covered in mud or some other gross substance and you will want to clean them. Of course, this is not hard to do, but there are several steps you should follow to make sure you clean your car liners the right way. Because once you have washed them off, it is still important to maintain their proper condition so that they perform adequately and continue to provide the protection you want. Thankfully, these rubber floor mats are very easy to wash and just as easy to re-install.

The first step is removing your car floor mats from the vehicle. In some vehicles, this is simple: Just pull them out. But in others, the car liners are attached to the carpet floor with a button or fastener. Depending on which type of Husky mats you have, be very careful when un-hitching the mat from its position. Some drivers get too overzealous and aggressively try to pull the mats out. Doing this can damage the fasteners. After they are removed is where the easy part is. Now, just hose off your rubber floor mats. Only use soap or auto cleaner if the mats are stained with a chemical. Husky floor liners shouldn't take very long to dry.

Just as when you removed your auto mats, take care when re-installing them. Be sure the carpet area where the car or truck liners go is completely clear. If it's not, now is a great time to vacuum. Once the car liners are dry, place them where they belong inside the vehicle. For Husky floor liners that require being fastened in, make certain the tab is pulled all the way through the mat before it's secured. If it isn't, the mat will angle off. With regular rubber floor mats, this isn't a concern. But high quality car liners from Husky require this kind of attention for car makes that have the fasteners. All in all, it's an easy process for every driver.

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