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Drivers can choose between several Husky Liners designs depending on the type of vehicle they own. Since not all car owners have the same exact needs, floor mats come in different sizes and materials. Husky's main custom floor mat designs include Classic Style, Heavy Duty, X-ACT Contour, and WeatherBeater.

One of the more popular types of Husky floor mat styles is the Classic Style Liners. Classic Style mats are considered to be an all around kind of automotive floor liner, as they are available for most vehicles and provide a versatile fit. What makes Classic Style liners unique is that they are created to resemble classic car floor mats from years past thanks to their diamond tread pattern. This floor mat design makes them an adaptable stock mat replacement for many cars, trucks, and SUVs.

Some drivers need more protection than others. This is why Husky Liners Heavy Duty Floor Mats are commonly chosen by car and truck owners who see a lot of activity in their vehicles. Unlike other floor mat styles that are made to line the carpet, heavy duty floor mats are thick mats meant primarily to cover the main area of the carpet, but with an increased degree of security. Constructed of a special rubberized material, heavy duty mats also feature deep channels on the surface that are designed to trap spilled liquids and mud.

X-ACT Contour mats are different than other floor mat styles in how they feel. The top of the contour mats have a distinctive perimeter that is made to produce a streamlined feeling underneath your feet while still providing a tough liner. The material is the same as other Husky floor mat styles but is textured to produce a softer touch above the floorboards. Their smoothness allows them to not betray a bulky surface. You can use X-ACT contour liners as a direct replacement for OEM mats or you can place carpet or rubber mats on top of them (except for the driver's seat).

Those looking for all-weather liners may prefer Husky WeatherBeater Floor Liners. Similar to other Husky floor mat styles, WeatherBeater liners are made of the company's own rubber compound material that repels spills, ice, and mud. Where they differ is in the design, as these liners have containment walls around the perimeter. The walls' purpose is so that when any kind of liquid or water spills onto the liner it won't wind up finding its way to your car's carpet.

Regardless of overall floor mat design, all Husky Liners floor mat styles share some of the same characteristics. Every type of floor mat and liner showcases the brand's Sta Put Nibs, which act as rubber spikes on the bottom. These spikes basically stick into the OEM carpet to keep the liners from shifting or sliding around. The reason why this is important is because most times when floor mats get out of position, it is because of the driver's or passengers' feet knocking them out of place. The rubberized spikes significantly reduce this from happening.

Also, all Husky floor mat styles come with a Lifetime Warranty against cracking and breaking. Many times, other floor liner brands change their effectiveness due to the climate. For example, when in a very warm climate, cheap rubber mats become softer and more pliable. This can lead to rips along the edge. In an extremely cold climate, those same mats can become hardened to the point where they are very stiff. When that occurs, mats have a tendency to start cracking at the corners. This is not a concern with Husky because the material that they developed for each one of their floor mat styles has the same quality. The floor mat design will always betray a level of pliability no matter what kind of temperature they are subjected to without becoming too flexible to where they can be in danger of ripping or cracking.

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