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Many drivers have been curious about the Husky Liners material. Although most know it is the brand's own rubberized compound, they want to know how it is made and how it applies to different floor liner surfaces. Since Husky uses their own patented material for all of their floor mat surfaces, every style of Husky Liners features the same level of durability.

The first attribute people notice about the Husky Liners material in their cars is that it feels like rubber, but slightly different. That's because it includes thermoplastic inside the overall rubberized compound. Thermoplastic is a very useful polymer in the automotive industry because of its adaptability to temperature. For instance, one of the main qualities of Husky floor mat surfaces is that they stay consistent regardless of the weather season. If it is very cold outside, the Husky liners surface won't shrink or crack. Conversely, if it is very warm out, the Husky Liners texture will not become too soft and flexible, either. Because of this specific quality that thermoplastic helps with, all Husky floor liners can be considered waterproof floor mats.

Another major feature of the thermoplastic application is the kind of surface it provides. When it comes to the floor liner material, the first concern on most car owners' lists is how it will handle spills. Carpet mats are not made to accommodate spills, as liquids soak into the carpet fibers very quickly. The way that Husky uses the rubberized thermoplastic compound is two-fold. Because of the type of texture it enacts, the floor mats are able to manage contact with any type of liquid without becoming damaged in any way, including those with harmful chemicals in them. Perhaps just as important, this is also what allows the floor liner material to be waterproof.

Husky is able to mold the rubber composite accordingly for all of their separate series of floor mats. What makes this important is the type of pattern or grips prevalent on the floor mat surfaces. Husky Heavy Duty floor mats feature distinctive deep channels, which are basically like walls used to trap water or liquids should there be a spill. These channel walls are comprised of the same rubberized floor liner material as every other kind of Husky liner, so they are rigid with just a slight degree of pliability. But for the X-ACT Contour series, Husky textures the outer layer differently to provide a smoother feeling compared to the more rugged comfort of the heavy duty liners. In fact, the reason behind the term molded floor liners is because of the Husky liners material. The company can mold floor mat surfaces in many different styles and sizes.

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