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When you are searching for serious interior protection, Husky Liners should be first on your list to check out. A company that offers various types of car floor liners for many vehicles, Husky specializes in producing custom floor mats designed to cover more space than OEM mats. But it's not just the amount of carpet blanketed that makes these custom floor mats significant. It is also the level of security. Husky liners are made of a patented thermo-plastic rubberized material that repels spilled liquids and mud with an intense shield so they don't drip onto your floor. If you have children and/or dogs, you'll know how important that is, especially during the summer months.

A lot of drivers fail to realize that their original factory mats were not included with their vehicles to provide any tangible percentage of defense. At best, these carpet mats are there to look nice and match the color inside the car. But car floor liners that are made especially for your make and model tell a different story. Instead of just barely covering the space on your vehicle's floor, car floor liners basically wrap your interior in superior protection from one side to the other. It's a different feeling driving around knowing your interior floor has a bodyguard to depend on! Not to mention that once installed, Husky floor liners display a personalized, custom look in just about any car, truck, or SUV.

There are plenty of luxury car floor mats that are very elegant, lustrous, and expensive. But they still don't offer the kind of security car floor liners are known for. It all comes down to space and even if you drive a small car, your interior floor has lots of it. Small square-shaped mats cannot cover it appropriately. If you want to invest in long-term safety and simultaneously wish to maintain your vehicle's resale value, choosing a brand of custom floor mats known specifically to do that is a good idea. Husky liners can handle everything you throw at them and more.

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