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Husky Liners makes more than floor mats, as their line of mud guards has become a popular accessory for pickup truck and SUV drivers. Husky mud flaps are available for a wide range of truck models to provide a step up in rear tire protection. Often, mud guards from generic companies are semi-thin curved sheets of rubber vinyl. This kind of material is not built to last. It appears sturdy, but eventually, slim rubber tire flaps wind up cracking or even falling off, especially after years of use and abuse. If you need your truck for a rocky, muddy environment, this can come back to haunt you.

The level of construction for Husky mud flaps is on another level. These splash guards are comprised of the brand's own thermoplastic compound. Stronger than simple automotive rubber with less pliability, this thermoplastic material perseveres through harsh climates and messy terrain. Instead of rock kick up finding its way into your tire treads and running boards, Husky mud guards allow any debris to virtually bounce right off before it becomes an issue. And since Husky splash guards are waterproof, not only is mud and slush repelled, but they are also easy to clean. Just hose them off and you're good to go. The sleek black fit and finish means that once dry, Husky mud guards look as good as new!

What really stands out about Husky splash guards is the amount of coverage they present. Husky molded mud flaps are longer and wider than typical rubber guards you'll find at the local auto parts store. This length comes in handy when driving on sand or off-roading on dirt. That's because with shorter flaps, it is much easier for rocks and debris to get caught in the tires or in back of the wheel-well. If you've ever taken your truck out onto gravel, you know the feeling. The best way to shore up your vehicle so that it can handle any type of surface during any kind of weather is by choosing Husky mud flaps.

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